Start Selling Smart

SMART Selling is a tactical approach.

Certified Sales Professional

The best sales professional program just got better. After thirty years delivering on-site to premium blue chip sales teams, SMART Selling got web SMART.

SMART because learners can now

  • Post implementation questions
  • Revisit learning concepts after class
  • Upload practice video for feedback

Web content helps all SMART Learners to continuously refine their skills

Fast Track to Success!

Don't have a college degree? Don't have influential friends? Do you have a family to support? How will you manage while you earn that degree? And will that degree get you a job? These are tough questions for tough times.

The one sure path to financial success is sales. What other line of work places more emphasis on results and less on career preparation?

What other field has more non-degreed CEOs in its ranks? If you can sell, employers listen.

Keys to Becoming a Successful Sales Professional

  • Understand what problems your products and services solve
  • Inquiry techniques that prompt prospects to talk openly about their problems and challenges
  • The ability to connect the prospect's specific problems with the unique capabilities your product and service provide

The SMART Advantage

At SMART Selling, we know there's more to sales than fast talk. The Certified Sales Professional understands the client needs, gains client trust, and collaborates for client investment. Most importantly, the Certified Sales Professional is consciously aware of the condition of the sale at every stage.

Conscious awareness is the primary component of effective sales. Without it, we can't adjust to changing circumstances. The SMART Selling Certified Sales Professional knows what must occur at each stage to ensure a successful outcome. They know how to continuously check for potential risks to the sale, and know what to do to eliminate them.

Get the SMART advantage for more consistent sales success and less sales stress.

A SMART Certified Sales Professional:

  • Knows what they are doing at every phase of the process
  • Knows why they are doing it
  • Knows how to keep in sync with their prospects throughout the process