Does SMART Selling Work? - "YES" - (but it's a QUALIFIED "Yes")

  • "During the 10 months since we implemented SMART Selling, our revenue has increased by 48% over last year. A large part of this growth is attributable to the work of Larry Sugarman and SMART Selling. While the number of transactions has remained somewhat constant, the size of the average sale has increased dramatically."

    - Jim Dredge, CEO Academic Systems

  • "Over the past 3 years, our License sales have grown from $49 million to $75 million and our Consulting sales have increased from $70 million to $110 million. We believe that our continuing implementation of SMART Selling has, in large part, made this possible."

    - Kyle McDonald, Region Manager, Western US, Oracle Higher Education


This is the most important question.

Do computers increase productivity? Will an ERP program improve profitability? Will computers in the classroom improve learning and/or test scores? Will the SMART Selling Workshop increase sales?

The answer is NO. In and of themselves, these are just tools that a customer can use to accomplish his or her objectives. The tools must be USED to attain the results.

Installation just requires a purchase

Implementation requires a change in behavior and practice.

The above quotes are from executives who have made the decision to implement SMART Selling. Without the commitment to implement, SMART Selling becomes 3 days of expensive entertainment.

Requirements for a yes.

  • 1 A program that is based on sound fundamentals. SMART Selling is research-based and experientially developed. It helps sales personnel understand not only what works, but why things work or don't work. They are given easy-to-use tools to diagnose and correct areas of risk in any sales situation.
  • 2 A commitment by management to implement. Companies such as Oracle and Academic Systems made the decision to use SMART Selling to improve sales productivity. Management attended and participated in the Workshops. The SMART Selling process was integrated into the Forecasting metrics. Marketing literature was updated to reflect the structure proven in the SMART Selling Workshops. Account and territory reviews were conducted using the SMART model. The customer took ownership. Behaviors and practices changed.
  • 3 Reinforcement. Change is tough. Going through a 3-day Workshop, even one as comprehensive as SMART Selling, does not change all behaviors instantly. Improvement is gradual. One or two new ideas are tried. Without reinforcement and review, we all revert back to our old, comfortable. bad habits. Companies who have successfully implemented SMART Selling have committed to quarterly or semi- annual Refresher sessions to make sure that the concepts stick and that current challenges facing the sales team are addressed in terms of the SMART process.

Do you want improvement in sales productivity? Is it worth enough to you that you will commit to change your organizational behaviors and practices to make it happen?

If your answers are "yes" - then SMART Selling will work for you.