SMART Selling Offers

SMART Selling provides proven, effective sales training to individuals and sales organizations. Courses for sales teams are customized to your specific needs and marketplace and are delivered in-person. Our online Certified Sales Professional program is designed for individuals who are new to sales and for participants in SMART Selling Workshops and others who want to continue to improve their skills.

Our entire approach is grounded in behavioral research focused on how people buy and why some sales people are more productive than others.

The SMART Selling system has been used internationally with companies in diverse markets. The result is consistent: Sales people increase their ability to close more sales successfully.

The Services We Offer

  • 1 SMART Selling Workshop is a three-day formal training program for sales personnel centered around a customized Case Study that reflects your products, services, and market. It includes: (a) presentation of the Foundation Principles of SMART Selling, (b) the SMART sales process, (c) effective use of the unique SMART Selling Guide (d) practical Application of the selling techniques, (e) Case Study preparation and presentation, and (f) introduction to the easy - to - use SMART Selling Prospect Risk Assessment (PRA) to quickly and accurately determine where a sale is at risk, and what steps should be taken to minimiize it.
  • 2 SMART Certified Sales Professional Program is an online sales training program consisting of 9 courses that span the essential skills needed to be a effective and efficient sales professional. Highly interactive, the CSP Program contains exercises and practical tools to help each student to reach their potential.
  • 3 SMART Management is training for sales management to successfully guide and support the sales people as they change the ways they sell. Tools for using SMART Selling to obtain more accurate and reliable forecast are discussed. Management training is flexibly scheduled to accommodate the needs of the management team.
  • 4 Diamond Mining" (Creating Unique Solutions) Workshops are sessions to help the sales team create differentiated solutions that tie marketing and sales efforts together to position your products to eliminate competition.
  • 5 SMART Selling Problem Solving Refreshers are free-form sessions to reinforce the SMART Selling principles and process. Real -life prospect situations are analyzed to reduce risk and maximize a successful outcome.

We will be happy to provide additional information on any of the above services upon request.